Book Report: How to Save Your Own Life 15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

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"How to Save Your Own Life 15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Places" is connected with 15 lessons which were written by Micheal Gates Gill after failing in his job.

In fact, Michael was not a writer originally. He was a former creative director at J. Walter Thompson Advertising as well as the son of New Yorker writer Brendan Gill. He seemed to be at the top of the world when he worked for advertising. He had countless property and lovely children. He can get all the things as long as he wanted. Life seemed to be successful for Michael in the past.

However, there was a sudden change of his life - he lost his job and suddenly, he lost everything that he thought he deserved. With the support from his family, there was not the end of his life. Instead, he decided to renew his life with happiness and hope so he decided to apply a job at Starbucks up to now.

While he was working in Starbucks, he found his real life – that's why 15 lessons were made. He enjoyed working in Starbucks and most importantly, he wanted to share what he got in Starbucks.

In "How to Save Your Own Life 15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Places", those lessons were made from what Michael had learned in Starbucks. For the most popular chapter, lesson 1 – Listen... To Other Who Have Suffered and Survived is always praised by the readers with inspiration.

In the lesson, readers can learn how to open their hearts to hear what difficulties others meet and help them deal with them.

In the past, Michael always chose not to listen to others and helped them to ease their burdens. After he became one of the staffs in Starbucks, he has learned to be more open and be willing to listen to somebody who got into trouble feels painful to tackle the problem.

From lesson 1, Michael was standing in line at the check-out counter while a man was getting closer from Michael with anxiety. The man seemed to have big problems which cannot be tackled by himself.

Without any shadow of doubt, Michael chose to listen to the problems the man had encountered. After truly listening, Michael finally helped the man find the ways to solve the problems.

That's the message Michael wants to bring out - A problem shared is a problem halved. Not only do we need to listen to people but also when we are pained, we can try to tell to someone. Someone who can shares some experiences with you helps you ease your burdens.

Apart from lesson 1, lesson 2 – Listen... To your Own Heart to Find True Happiness is popular as well. It also inspires me a lot!

Lesson 2 is about we can find our happiness that we never imaged by listening our heart.

Yes, as a Hongkonger, we are always busy with our jobs, homework, so on. Do we try to put our hands on our hearts, listen to what our hearts want to say? Every day, we are living in a congested city, listening music when we are going to work, walking fast but actually, we do not feel happy.

It is time for us to ask our hearts gently "Am I happy?" Our hearts will give an answer and we will find the true life and happiness.

"How to Save Your Own Life 15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Places" is a meaningful book. Here, I highly recommend this book to all of you.