The Exquisite Present to My Best Friend

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Christmas was coming soon! Since I wanted to give my best friend, Kiki, an unusual gift, I thought a long time about what to give her. I wanted to give Kiki the best present ever.

I knew Kiki would love a box of sweet chocolate. Hence, I went to a snack shop with some money. Unluckily, I did not have ample money to buy a box of chocolate. It cost too much. It was quite expensive and high-priced. I felt so disappointed and discouraged. What else could I get Kiki? I thought hard.

I asked my elder sister, Hecate, “What do you think would be the best present ever?” She replied, “Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that you make with your wish! Maybe you can make something yourself!”

What type of present could I make? I thought many days about this. Until the Christmas Eve was coming, I had a good notion. I thought that I could make a box of chocolate by myself as Kiki’s present. I knew that it would be the best gift in the world. First, I bought the ingredient. I bought some milk chocolate in the supermarket. Next, I melted the milk chocolate and applied it on the chocolate mold. Then, I put it in the refrigerator. Finally, I waited for a few hours and took it away from the fridge. The chocolate was finished. I put the chocolate in an elegant box and wrapped it with wrapping paper.

At Christmas, I gave the box of chocolate to Kiki and spoke proudly, “It was made by myself!” Kiki felt quite touched and delighted. She said, “Thank you! That gift was very special for me.” And we celebrated Christmas in chorus. It was an unforgettable and memorable day!

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