My Journal - Easter Holiday

晶文薈萃 十優文章

This year, I had an especial Easter Holiday. It was so unbelievable! I’m sure no one will have the same venture.

22th April, 2011

It was a beautiful Friday, the weather wasn’t so hot but a little cool.

I was reading an adventure fiction which was borrowed from the public library yesterday. It was about a boy suddenly going to Mars and he had an amazing adventure.

After reading this myth, I wished I could go to Mars too although I knew it was impossible for me. While I imagined that I was on the Mars, Mum asked me to help her buy something in the supermarket. I complied unwillingly.

I incessantly thought about Mars and I didn't know I was going to fall into a hole which was in front of me. Thus, I fell into the deep hole. Therewith, I lost consciousness.

23th April, 2011

When I woke up, I found that I was flying in the space! I was so aghast and surprised! It was inconceivable! Unexpectedly, I could respire in the space!

After about one hour, I fell on a red planet. I could see many volcanoes and canyons on it. Therefore, I thought this planet was Mars. Suddenly, an unknown life-form approached me tardily. When it came near me, I found that it was so short! I guessed it was only ten to eleven centimeters tall. It was blue and orange. When I looked at it cautiously, I discovered that two glittery things were on its triangular head. At this time, it said abruptly, “What are you doing?”

I couldn’t understand what it said. I knew, our languages were different. We couldn't chat together. When I wanted to use my hands to tell it that I came from Earth, it said to me in Cantonese courteously, “Tina, I comprehend you so much.” I felt very puzzled and asked it, “Why do you understand me? Why do you know my English name? I didn’t meet you before. You are very marvelous!” The strange monster answered, “It is because I am Martian. The two shining spots which are on my head can help me to distinguish all the things. And I will say something strange before I talk to anyone coming from other planets. It is because it can help me to know more about those people.” It stopped a minute and shouted loudly, “Oh! You see, I am very careless, I forget to tell you about myself. Now, I am going to tell about it so that you won’t be so strange to me. My name is R-2. I am a woman. I am very happy to see you. I know you came from a beautiful planet, the Earth. If you would like to have a look on my planet, you can come to my house. I can accommodate you. You must be very safe and jovial.” I answered jocundly, “Of course yes! Thank you for your generosity. I won’t forget you.” R-2 smiled at me friendly, “Friendship forever.” Then she took me to jump into a big, red hole.

I was full of misgivings at first, because the hole was very deep and dark. It looked full of dangerous. I didn’t know where we will go after we pass through this hole.

Suddenly, I found that I was sitting in a luxurious car. R-2 told me that all the cars in her planet had no exhaust. Therefore, the air was very fresh. I was worried about our earth’s air after listening to her saying. It was because I knew our air is quite bad.

After about ten minutes, we arrived at R-2’s house. It was a white and blue villa. A big garden was in front of the bungalow. “Oh! Your house is so beautiful!” I shouted loudly, I had never seen a beautiful house like this. “Thank you for you to glorify my house, Tina.” R-2 looked very proud of her house. However, when I walked near the door, it suddenly disappeared! R-2 laughed, “This door only lets the people it knows to come in. I will tell it that you are my friend.”

When I came in her house, I was very surprised because of R-2’s wonderful furniture and commodities. She had a blue sofa that can fly to everywhere. She also had a machine which could wash everything including washing our brain, heart or lung. Because of this fantastic machine, seldom Martians would die. R-2 told me that she was prided oneself on her planet. It was because she thought their scientific products were the best. At least, their products were better than ours.

R-2 told me, “Tina, it’s already seven o’clock. We need to have a dinner. You must be so hungry and thirsty, right?” I nodded my head quickly, I really felt hungry, I wanted to know what Mars’ food looked like and their taste. R-2 said, “The dining room is on the second floor, come with me.” The house was so big. After we walked for about a minute, we stopped in front of a purple wall. I felt in puzzlement and asked R-2. She just smiled and didn’t answer me. She pressed at the red dot. At that moment, a hole appeared on the ceiling. After that, R-2 disappeared. I repeated her action. Then, I came to the second floor. I felt surprised about it.

When we sat down on a soft cushion, two astute monkeys gave us a lot of delicious food, such as, fish, salad, pork, etc. After eating, we had a dessert, the tasty chocolate ice cream. “The dinner was really tasty. I enjoy it very much. Your planet’s food was very larruping. I said happily after eating dinner.

Then, R-2 took me to the third floor, it was full of rooms. We walked along the corridor until we arrived at a door. R-2 said, “Come in, please. This is the best room here. It is made by crystal and pearl.”

I thanked R-2 a lot and came in the room warily. “Wow! It was very dazzling!” I shouted as loudly as I could. Then, I quickly dropped off to sleep because I was too tired. I didn’t wake up until the smell of butter bread filled my bedroom.

24th April, 2011

Today was a sunny day. After I ate the yummy and healthy breakfast, R-2 told me a bad news, “Tina, it is time to go home. You can’t stay here for a long time, your parents will worry about you.” I wanted to cry after listening to her, I wanted to breathe the fresh air and taste the yummy food again. The time was too short. R-2 warned me, “Please don’t tell anyone about my planet or we will die.” “Ok. I promise that I won’t tell anyone about my travel on Mars. I won’t forget you, R-2. You are my best friend forever.”

Suddenly, I found that I was walking on the road to the supermarket. “Oh! What a beautiful dream.” I thought.

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