Surrogacy should be allowed

  • 作者: Koey Lam Ho Yan
  • 寫作年級: F4
  • 寫作日期: 2011
  • 學校: St Mark's School

Recently, Lee Ka Kit, one of the millionaires in Hong Kong, has posted a photo of himself and his father cradling three newly-born babies. The coming of new lives should be something joyful. However, the incident turns out to be creating huge controversies among different groups of people as there are suspicions from the public that Lee Ka Kit, single, had hired a California-based surrogacy agent to give birth to these three babies. This act violates the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance in which it clearly states that surrogacy is not allowed in Hong Kong. But then, should we change our old laws and allow surrogacy in our society?

In fact, surrogacy brings a school of advantages. Obviously, it can help the infertile couples to give birth to a baby and build a warm family. It can also help single individuals to fulfill their parents’ wishes. In the mind of traditional Chinese, most of them think that they must have sons to continue the family tree. If individuals do not want to get married and yet they want to give birth to the babies, they can choose to use surrogacy. By doing so, they can continue to be single and satisfy their parents’ wants. At the same time, it can also boost the birth rate of Hong Kong. In recent decades, Hong Kong has become one of the regions with the lowest birth rate among all the countries. Every year, there are only 4.98 millions new-born babies, which are much lower than 1970s, when there were 7.98 millions new-born babies every year. As mentioned in the above, even the infertile couples can give birth to a new life. Therefore, there will be an increase in the birth rate as more people will be able to reproduce.

Nevertheless, surrogacy is acting against humanity. Mother has the responsibility to nurture their children. However, surrogacy puts this responsibility to a total stranger. When the baby grows up, he or she will be confused because the mother who lives with him and the mother who gives birth to him is not the same person. In England, there is even a boy whose mother’s skin colour is white but his own skin colour is yellow. It also affects the children’s identity development because he has no idea who his real mother is.

In conclusion, surrogacy helps thousands of people who have the difficulties in reproduction to make their dreams come true. Even though it is acting against humanity, as long as we can provide education and counseling to the children and parents, I am sure that surrogacy can give these people a happy life and a family. Therefore, I think surrogacy should be allowed.