Adventure in the Laboratory

  • 作者: John Lam Ka Wai
  • 寫作年級:
  • 寫作日期: 2011-1
  • 學校: St Mark's School

In the first few days of the summer vacation, I felt lonely and bored as I had nothing to do. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind, “Why not go to Mary’s home to have fun?”

Mary was my friend and her family was very rich. Her home was spacious, even having a laboratory because her father was a scientist. I went to her home about three times a month. Her father was very nice to me and he always shared some experiences about science with me. But most of the time, I just thought he was joking as his ideas were almost impossible! Thus, I called him ‘Mr. Joke’.

When I arrived at Mary’s home, Mary just asked me to serve myself for a while and she returned to her room. I looked around and found the laboratory. The laboratory was always an attraction to me as I had never seen one in a residential house. Out of curiosity, I went inside to see what happened. Entering the laboratory, I found myself really excited. Everything was interesting there. There were a lot of colourful chemical products and test tubes. I noticed a bottle of apple juice next to the test tubes with a label “Shrinking Potion”. I thought it was just a joke made by ‘Mr. Joke’. Quite funny! I just laughed and drank it without hesitation. Suddenly, a strange feeling came over me and I felt dizzy. I shouted loudly to ask Mary to come in. After a few seconds, I saw an extremely big creature coming in. Oh! It was Mary! She became a giant. I looked around and discovered that all the things became bigger and bigger. I was too frightened to speak and Mary did not notice me at all.

I remembered I had drunk the apple juice called “Shrinking Potion”! It was not a joke! I waved my hands to Mary, but she didn’t notice me. She just thought I played tricks on her. I felt very sad and gradually I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw Mary’s father doing experiment alone. As I was too small to be noticed, I thought I could have a bit of fun. I walked to the table he was working and started to mess up his experiment. I mixed the colourful chemical liquid all together and saw what would happen. I poured the yellow liquid into the orange one and the green liquid into the red one. It was very exciting.

To my surprise, one of the test tubes was shaking. Oh no! The chemicals reacted. The ‘mixture’ spilt out and I couldn’t escape from it. My new T-shirt stained green. I was really angry. I shouted, “What an ugly T-shirt!”. Strangely, I heard someone answer me. “It is really ugly!’ ‘Mr. Joke’ laughed at me. I found my body became normal in size and people could easily notice me! I felt surprised and I didn’t know what happened. I asked ‘Mr. Joke’ and he said he did not have a clue too. After a few seconds, I knew the truth. The chemical that I mixed together gave out a strong reaction. It became the ‘Magnifying Juice’. When it spilt over my body, I started to grow bigger until I was back to my normal size. I learned an unforgettable chemistry lesson accidentally!