My Favorite Festival

My favorite festival is Mid-Autumn Festival. It is on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Lunar calendar. It is in Autumn. It is cool and there is a full moon in the sky at that night.

Long ago in China, people stuck in little things as nuts, candies, coins, etc into the moon cakes at Mid-autumn festival. Each kind of food represents joyfulness and coins represent wealth. If a ‘ lucky star’ ate a moon cake with one kind of the above, it was said that the person will receive the blessing which the little thing represents.

Nowadays, people eat moon cake in different favors, including green tea, chocolate, mango, sesame… Also, we play with lanterns and watch the beautiful moon. Mid- Autumn Festival is a prefect time for us to join together with our family and friends.

I like Mid-Autumn Festival because I can eat moon cakes and play with lanterns with my friends and classmates. I enjoy watching the moon at a cool night. It is relaxing. I can also make bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, earrings and butterfly wings with my creativity.

On the other hand, the lights coming from the cities are too bright that we cannot see the stars. I think the government should do something to protect the environment. Therefore, we can enjoy the charming night sky again.