My Favorite Festival

Speaking of festival, Chinese New year is my favorite! The reasons are as below. 

First, all my family will come to my grandparent’s home on Chinese New Year’s eve and we will have a big dinner together. I always eat a lot of delicious food. And I really value this special occasion because I can see my cousins again and have fun with them. On the usual weekdays, if I want to see them, it’s hard. Therefore, I treasure this festival to see them. All the married cousins will give me red pockets, I will use this money to do some meaningful things, such as donation.

Before the festival, my mum will go shopping with me. I enjoy it very much. It’s because we can buy some new, nice clothes for ourselves. And we will buy some candies and ‘Fai Chun’ for Chinese New Year.

I have a lot of fun at Chinese New Year, and what is your favorite festival?