Formal Dialogue

Today is a wonderful day.

"Puppy, Let's go for a walk," Jessica responded excitedly.

"WOW...WOW..." Puppy said.

However, Jessica doesn't know how puppy feels.

When they go out, Puppy doesn't move.

"What is happening? Come on, Puppy. Don't stop here,"Jessica shouted angrily.

"Oh no! Don't push me. I don't want to go!"Puppy growled and grumbled .

Jessica can‟t comprehend what the Puppy said . So She picks up Puppy in her arms.

Suddenly, they meet a man with many balloons. At that time, Jessica has a good idea.

"Hi, can I buy all your balloons?" Jessica laughed.

"Yes, sure," the man said with a sinister smile.

After buying all the balloons, Jessica put all the balloons around Puppy's body.

"Oh yeah, Puppy. Look! You are flying in the sky!" Jessica laughed.

"WOW, WOW. I am flying in the sky. This is great, I like going out now!" Puppy said happily.

Informal Dialogue

Today was a wonderful day. Jessica and her dog--Puppy were going out. However, Puppy didn't want to go out, but Jessica didn't know what Puppy was thinking about, so she took Puppy out. Along the way, Puppy didn‟t move or walk. Jessica believed Puppy was playing with her, so she made an angry face at Puppy, but Puppy didn't understand her. She didn't know what was happening to Puppy. So, she picked up Puppy in her arms.

Suddenly, they saw a man with many balloons. When Jessica saw the balloon, she had an idea. She bought all the balloons from the man and put all the balloons around Puppy's body. Then,Puppy flew in the sky. Puppy was very happy now. From then onwards, Puppy loves to go out.