Our family members

This essay will discuss whether or not man can live without animals and how important animals are to me. I think animals are important to me because they can be friends with me. I think man can't live without animals because they become our family members.

Many animals are faithful. If you have an accident, they can protect you. They can play with you whether you are free or bored. You can have fun with them. Also, when you are unhappy, they can make you smile. They do some stupid things to make you smile. For example, they may kiss you or walk around you.

Like my dog, it has stayed with me for a long time. It loves to play ball games with me. Sometimes, it goes to school with me. It is just like one of my family members. I think we can't lose it. If men had to live without animals, their life would not be interesting or colourful.

In my conclusion, I think we must not lose our animals.