I was born in China. When I was born , my mother said I was very small in size, so my nickname is cockroach. However, I don't like this nickname now. I am not small and I think this nickname is very nasty. When I was young, my mother and father went to Hong Kong, but my sister, Zita and I stayed in China. At that time, we felt so unhappy and we missed our mother and father a lot terribly. When I was seven years old, my mother and father brought us to Hong Kong. My sister and I were so happy with our family reunion.

I have joined the service leader team and I took part in a lot of volunteer work. That made me happy. This is because joining the service leader team helps me grow up and develop my leadership skills. I always smile because I love to do charitable work. And being a volunteer, I have learnt that the most important relationships in my life are family and friendships, they give me support, make me have a hope, make me happy and smile. They give their heart to me. I love my family and friends. My personal belief is give support to other people by being a volunteer, so you can give love and hope to everyone.