I got lost in a Zoo

I went to zoo with my family last week. We went there by bus. We went inside the zoo and bought some drinks there. When I was watching the monkey show, I said, "This monkey is very funny!" But no one answered me. I looked around, I found that my parents and brother had gone away. I felt scared and screamed," Help, I get lost, who can help me?" The place was crowed because it was a holiday. I looked around to find a zookeeper to help me to find my parents.

I stood there and waited for my parents for a few minutes, but they had not come back. So I tried to find someone to help. I asked a kind lady for help, she told me how to go to the information center to find the zookeepers. I thanked her for her help.

When I found the zookeepers. I told them I was lost, then they used the sound system to find my parents. We thanked them and continued our trip again.

On that day, I felt very happy because my parents said that I was a calm and good girl.