An unforgettable experience

Although I am twenty years old only, I have experienced many things. And some of them are very impressive. But the most unforgettable experience is the release of the HKCEE results.

Last year, I joined the HKCEE exam. And the results were released on 4th August,2010. I remember that morning, I woke up very early since I felt very nervous. So, I did not take my breakfast and I went to school with my mother immediately. We held each others hands on the way to school.

When I arrived school, I went up to my classroom and waited for my results. At that time, my classamtes and I were not too nervous and we chatted with each other in a relaxed manner. But after half an hour, our class teacher came in. We were very quiet at that moment since we started worrying about our results.

After a moment, I received my results from my class teacher. When I knew I got 12 marks only, I got stuck in my mind and just did not know what to do. Then I sent the messages to my mother and my private tutorial teacher. Following that, I started crying and my friends comforted me. I really felt very disappointed.

When I talked with my teacher and my friends, my tears could not stop falling down. After a moment, when I met my mother, I cried harshly and I felt embarrassed to make her feel disappointed. But she told me the result was not bad. I felt very warm and touched at that moment since she supported me a lot.

Then we had to decide what we should do. We went to find schools. On the way, both of our phones rang continuously. Our relatives and friends asked about my results. When they knew I could not be promoted to Form 6 in my original school, they gave me much support and comfort. My relatives helped us to find the information about the schools also.

At that moment, I did not grieve anymore due to all the support and comfort surrounding me. It was so heart-warming and I had power again. I was really touched because I could not imagine that many people were supporting me. I felt I was very lucky that love was surrounding me.

Finally, I had found a school to repeat Secondary Five with all the support. I told myself to study hard and enter the university two years later. I thought that this is the best way to express my gratitude to them.

In this experience, the most unforgettable is the support and love from my family, relatives and friends. Now, when I cannot concentrate on my study, I will think about this unforgettable experience and I will have power again. Once again, my dear relatives and friends, many thanks for your love and care, I will treasure this and love you all.