I am an average student and study at Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School located at On Yam in Kwai Chung. Blair is my name.

I am a person who is absolutely easy-going with my friends and my family members. I enjoy sharing everything with my classmates and best friends, everybody says that I am really generous. So I am proud of this.

There are many things I like to do and to experience, such as riding my bicycle, playing badminton and especially watching films.

My dad, Chuck, is a film lover, so when I was only 4, I just started to watch movies produced in U.S.A and H.K. I love watching movies very much!

When I was 9, I moved to Kwai Chung from Tung Chung. At that time, we got a puppy called Jenny, all of us love her! But Jenny died when she was 7. We still miss her even now!

Now, I am a F.4 student and there are many changes in my study this year. No matter what, two things will remained unchanged – the love from my family and my good friends. I feel thankful to them. I must study hard to repay them.