I was born in a hot summer day in Hong Kong on August 1,1994. My father could not watch me being born because he had gone on a trip. My mother found it was so hard at that time. I think my personality is like summer. I am energetic, confident, outgoing and cheerful.

Since 1998, I have learnt playing piano and dancing ballet. I practiced them very hard every day when I was small. Now, I cannot them practice every day because of study.

In the past summertime, I always rode a bicycle with my family. This is the greatest memory of my childhood. I will never forget it!

In recent years, I have tried to do something I haven't done before. I often do volunteer work for charities such as visiting older people, flag selling,etc. I enjoy helping people so I want to be a nurse. Moreover, I joined a debate lesson at school last year. This lesson made me learn how to respond to others and get more knowledge that cannot be learnt from a textbook.

The most important relationship to me is with my family. They make me more confident to overcome failure. For example, if I fail the exam, they will chat with me and encourage me to try my best next time. They also give me support in my life and give freedom to me to do my favorite things. So, I love them!

My major accomplishment was finishing all ballets' graded exams. I am so happy and joyful. I want to use my dancing to make everyone smile and overcome loneliness. This is my wonderful dream ! I believe I will achieve it one day.