Why do Snails Walk So Slowly?

Once upon a time, there was a snail which walked very fast. It lived in a beautiful house. It bought a lot of beautiful clothes.

One day, the snail went to a clothes shop and she bought a lot of beautiful clothes. Then, it went to the Happy Park. There was a shop named Beautiful Shop. It walked into the shop and saw a beautiful shell. The shopkeeper said, "The shell is very beautiful and cheap. If you wear the shell, it will be beautiful. Do you want to buy it?" The snail said, "Ok! I want to buy it!". Then, the snail wore the shell and she felt happy.

When she went home, she could not walk fast because the shell was too heavy. She could not move the shell away anymore as it was too tight. From that day on, all the snails had shells on their back and they walked so slowly.