How do you keep our house clean and tidy?

How do you keep our house clean and tidy?

It is important to be clean and tidy. Therefore, we should put away the uniform in our wardrobes or drawers. But we should tidy up the wardrobes or/and drawers everyday. Here is how you can keep clean and tidy.

1. Bathroom

We take a bath every day, so, we should keep the bathroom clean and tidy. We should use a disinfecting cleanser once a week to clean the bathroom floor and sides of the tub and shower. Then, we should hang the towels. But we shouldn’t splash the water on the floor.

2. Bedroom

In order to keep our bedroom beautiful, we should make our own bed when we wake up. Also, we shouldn’t eat or drink on our bed.

3. Kitchen

We cook every clean the sink daily. Also, we need to put the cooked food in the refrigerator. If we don’t put food in the refrigerator, the kitchen will be dirty. We should hang the washcloth up to dry after using it.

4. Living room

We always sit in the living room, so we should wipe furniture with 1%bleach solution once a week. Also, we should wear the slippers after we go home.

It is not happy to be sick, so we should keep the house clean and tidy. Let’s all do our house clean.