Cinderella from the viewpoint of the stepmother

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Her mother was dead. I was her stepmother, Isabella.

Cinderella was my stepdaughter but I had another two daughters. My two daughters hated Cinderella very much. I hate her too. Cinderella went to bed early, but she got up late. She just like to eat delicious food. She was very lazy. She did not do the housework. She liked to dress up beautifully. She liked to play computer games.

One day, the prince sent a card to our home. My daughters were very happy and they went to the party happily. I did not let Cinderella go to the party. She worked all night at home.

Finally, the prince married Cinderella’s sister, Louise. She became the princess. Cinderella was very sad, so she cried all night.