My friend's visit

Dear Susan,

How are you? I’m happy to hear that you and your classmates will come to Hong Kong this holiday. I have some recommendations about your visit and hope you will like it.

I suggest that we may have a BBQ at Sai Kung Country Park. During the BBQ, we can gather and chat with each other and share our ups and downs. You know that we haven’t chatted with each other for over three years. I miss your voice so much. Besides chatting with friends, we can get closer to nature and raise our awareness of protecting the environment.

After the BBQ, we can go cycling or play games together to stay healthy and keep fit. I think in America you won’t have time to exercise because you are busy doing your homework. Now you have a chance to relax and release your stress. Also, we can make friends easily by doing these activities. Apart from cycling, we can play games like badminton and football together.

In the evening, we can go shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. I bought a new camera yesterday and so we can take photos together and admire the breath-taking night views there.

I have to do my homework now. Tell me if you have any ideas. Write back soon. Bye.

Cho Kwan