What do you think are healthy hobbies?

Everyone has their hobbies but not all hobbies are healthy. Then, what hobbies are healthy? Let me explain the meaning of ‘hobby’ and ‘healthy’ first. A hobby is a leisure activity and ‘healthy’ means being good for our body and mind. Now I am going to introduce some healthy hobbies.

In my point of view, running is a healthy hobby because running is a kind of physical exercises that keeps our body fit. Now only can it train our body flexibility and endurance, but it also helps us stay healthy. Moreover, we can run everywhere. We don’t need to use any materials or follow any rules, so running is also a convenient hobby.

Healthy hobbies are not only to help us keep fit, but also train our minds. For example, playing chess can strengthen our organization skills and train our logical minds. Also, reading may develop our positive thinking and creativity. If we can read English books, our reading speed can be improved. We can also learn more vocabulary items.

Some healthy hobbies can also improve our communication skills and build up our confidence. Let’s take voluntary work as an example. Being a volunteer is very meaningful, and we can help people who are in need. We can talk to them and hence strengthen our communication skills and make new friends.

From the above mentioned, we may conclude that healthy hobbies can train our body and mind and also improve our communication skills. Instead of becoming addicted to unhealthy hobbies such as playing TV games, we should develop one or two healthy hobbies.