Gifted children should be developed thoroughly

These days, the controversy over the gifted children has been sparked by two whiz kids: nine-year-old March Boedihardjo got admitted by the department of mathematics of the Baptist University with his outstanding result of the British A-level examination; and Ho Hoi Lam, who got admitted by the department of the medicine studies of the Chinese University with her outstanding results in Certificate Examinations.

This seems that whiz kids gained others' jealous attention that they are talented enough to do anything they want. However, this is why they are often neglected by the community.

Whiz kids often suffer from their own plight which others never imagine. As they can be admitted by far higher education level at an extraordinarily low age, they can seldom make friends with their 'classmates', who reject them due thanks to the age difference. They also often lose contact with their peers because of the short period to get on with others. As a result, they may become so lonely that they can only focus on their boring studies instead of socializing with their friends, such as having barbecue or going to cinemas, which can make they life happier. A whiz kid who studied in Harvard University committed suicide owing to his lonely, boring life.

Besides the lonely life, lack of social concerns is another cause of their plight. In the territory, there are few education centres to nurture those whiz kids, not addressing the problems about human relationship of the whiz kids and their family. Worse still, formal schools pay little attention to them. Their problems are often neglected. Eventually not only can their natural talent not be developed properly, but also they feel much more depressed and confused in handling their problems, which is a pity if not a waste to the society.

Therefore, every effort should be made by the government to ensure that the talent of whiz-kids can be properly and totally developed. The society, on the base of it, can become the eventual winner with the support of the talented people.