My days in the Student Union

Student Union is actually the biggest student association in a school, taking care of over a thousand students and acting as a bridge between students and the school. As the chairperson of the Student Union, I undertake the role of leading both the committee and the school. This work is full of challenges, frustration and satisfaction.

Giving speeches, holding activities, and solving problems in the committee are some of my challenges. The greatest one is to give prompt and immediate responses. As a Chinese saying goes, "Disasters emanate from careless talk". As the spokesperson of the Student Union, I often answer questions and feedback comments from my fellow schoolmates. Therefore I always remind myself of speaking carefully and I am learning to embellish my speeches. I hope my schoolmates can forgive my faults and give me the chance to improve.

I feel frustrated whenever an activity is not popular or the problem is too difficult to solve. Negative comments often flood my ears. But what worries me most is the low morale in our committee and I cannot cheer them up. A spirited team works with better efficiency and more happily. I am touched that the junior form committee members help me a lot in bringing some "joyful elements" into the team like jokes and heart-warming smiles.

Satisfaction is the motivation for me to continue the hard work. Whenever I finish a task, usually an activity, I feel content as it is successfully held. I feel more satisfied when I work happily with my committee. They are so creative that learn a lot from them. I feel the most satisfied when my efforts are appreciated. I love serving the junior form students because they give you comments not only negative ones but also positive. It makes the hard work worthwhile. Now I know it is important to praise people since they will do better next time because all of us love applause.

Students who focus only on their studies do not take the responsibility to be leaders. Yet I can assure you that it is a loss if you hide yourself in a corner while you can learn useful skills like communication and speech-delivering. Above all you can know more about yourself. Seize the chance to be a committee member of the Student Union to get along with different people, solve diverse problems and polish your leadership. You may face setbacks in the process but I am sure you will not regret it.