A Wish

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Crystal. Crystal's mother died the previous Christmas, but her father told Crystal her mum was living in the sky, she was a beautiful star and her mum would come back the coming Christmas.

On Christmas day, Crystal was happy. She waited for a long time. However, her mum did not appear. She was disappointed. Then she looked at the sky and shouted, "Mother! Where are you?" She started to cry.

Suddenly, a genie appeared. He said, "Don't cry, Crystal!"

"Who are you?" she cried. The genie continued, "I am a genie. My name is Jack. Today is Christmas, so I can give you a wish."

"Really? I want my mother come back. I want to see her!" Crystal said.

"No problem!" said genie Jack. "But your mum will disappear at twelve o'clock, because I am just a little genie!"

First Crystal and her mother played happily together. Then Crystal was tired. She felt asleep. Her mum sang for her, so Crystal felt warm. When twelve o'clock came, Crystal's mother whispered, "Goodbye, my dear!"