A Monkey’s Story

Once upon a time, many monkeys were living in a forest. One monkey was hungry.

Monkey Tom set out to find food. First he started to look around the forest but he couldn’t find any food. Then Monkey Tom went into a cave. Suddenly a fairy called Carol appeared. Monkey Tom was surprised.

He said, ‘I am very hungry now! Can you give me some food, Fairy Carol?’ Fairy Carol gave him a riddle and asked him, ‘Listen carefully! I’m round like a big ball. My skin is green but my heart is red. I’m sweet and you can eat me when you’re thirsty. I am a kind of fruit. My friends are either round or oval. What am I?’ If you can solve the riddle, I’ll give you some food.’ she whispered.

Monkey Tom was as silly as a pig. After a long time he didn’t know the answer. At last he saw a watermelon floating down from the river. Monkey Tom understood the riddle so he shouted out the answer. ‘It’s a watermelon!’ Monkey Tom solved the riddle and Fairy Carol gave him a lot of food.

In the end Monkey Tom shared his food with other monkeys. They lived in the forest happily ever after.