The True Story of the Aristocrats

No one does not know the story of the Aristocrats. Nevertheless, it is not the authentic story. Nobody has ever heard my aspect of the story, I’m the madame, Adelaide Bonfamille. I can tell you the real tale.

A long time ago, I was living with my butler, Edgar, and my four charming cats. They were Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. One day I started thinking that I was so elderly. Hence, I called my lawyer to help me to make a will. I planned to give my lovely cats all my wealth.

On the second day, I woke up and wanted to say hello with my cats. I walked up the stairs and went to their room. “Oh! Where are my cats?” I shouted loudly. My cats disappeared! I inquired Edgar, “Did you see my cats?” He replied that he did not know where my cats are. I searched everywhere but I could not discover my cats or their traces. I was very depressed and careworn.

Abrupthy, my companion visited me. I told her my difficulty and consulted her how to do. She spoke to me, “Maybe you can request the feral cats to aid you! They are quite reliable at this moment.” So of course I besought a feral cat, Thomas O’ Malley, for assistance.

On the first and second day, Thomas O’ Malley did not have any answers. Nonetheless, he brought my four cats back on the third day. I was too joyful and glad to see my sweet cats. And they told me solemnly, “Our dear host, Edgar took away us and discarded us near the river. That was because he wanted to make us die and he can inherit your fortune!!” I felt exceedingly angry and sulky. Consequently, I expelled Edgar huffily.

At last, Duchess and Thomas O’ Malley got married. We lived in chorus happily. It is the genuine story of the Aristocrats. Which story do you like better, The Aristocrats or The True Story of the Aristocrats?