Proposing a Barbecue

The summer vacation is coming soon! The children are scheming a barbecue. Elaine, Wendy and Paul were chosen to propose that barbecue. Elaine has a sensible notion and she gives Paul a ring at home. Paul’s dad picks up the telephone.

Paul’s dad: Hi!

Elaine: Hello! I am Elaine. May I speak to Paul, please?

Paul’s dad: Sure, Please wait for a brief moment!

Paul, it is your call from Elaine.

Elaine: Paul, I want to talk about the BBQ. I have got an intelligent idea for the specifics.

Paul: What’s that about? And when will we hold the barbecue?

Elaine: I want to have the barbecue on this weekend in the morning. We will take place at Tai Mei Tuk.

Paul: That’s fine. We can either canoe or have a barbecue there. What food should we prepare?

Elaine: We can bring some sausages, cotton candies, chicken wings and spare ribs. Oh! We also can take some soft drink, for instance, lemon tea and coke.

Paul: This opinion is really good! Shall I ask Wendy if she likes this thought?

Elaine: Okay! Let me know what she says.

Paul: Bye!

Paul: Hello, may I speak to Wendy, please?

Wendy: Speaking. This is Wendy.

Paul: Hi, Wendy. This is Paul. Elaine and I talked about the barbecue just now. We want to ask your comment.

Wendy: What activities do you want to hold?

Paul: In addition to have the barbecue, we want to canoe.

Wendy: We also can play some treasure hunt. It is quite entertaining.

Wendy: Sure, See you there, Bye!