My name is Nichole. I am eleven years old.I am 150 cm tall. I am 35 kg in weight. I am a primary student. I'm slim and light. I have small eyes, tanned skin and long hair. I'm shy too.

My daddy is a cook. He cooks very well. My mummy is a supervisor of Pacific Coffee Company. She can make all kinds of coffee.

My hobby is cooking. I have learnt it from my dad! I can cook eggs, noodles, cakes and more. My other hobby is dancing.

I am studying in St. Charles School. My favorite teacher is Miss Ma. She is 6A's class teacher. She teaches us English and Religious Studies. My favorite subject is English and Physical Education. I enjoy every moment in these lessons. My best friends at school are Cherry Ng and Trisha Flores. They always share food with me and they always tell jokes to me!

I have a lot of dreams. I want to be a president, a senator or a famous multi-awarded actress. I would like to be a president or a senator because I want to help poor people. I would like to be an actress because I can explore the personality of each character. I hope my dream will come true!