Self Introduction

  • 作者: Rica Joyce Francia
  • 寫作年級: P5
  • 寫作日期: 2010-12
  • 學校: St. Charles School

Hi, my name is Rica Joyce Francia. I am ten years old. I live in Shek Tong Tsui. My hobby is swimming. I go swimming once a week.

I have six family members. They are my father, mother, brother, grandma, auntie and I. I love my family because they care about me very much. My father is a senior electronic technician. He is the best! My mother is a waitress. She works in a restaurant named “The Quarterdeck”. It is in Wanchai. The food there is delicious.

On Sundays, we like going to church and pray. I wash my family’s clothes and tidy my bedroom at home.

My school is St. Charles. I am in Class 5B. My class teacher is Miss Sze. I like her because she is patient. My good friend is Karen. I like her because she is kind. After school, I join the English Ambassadors. I am happy in the club because I can talk to other schoolmates in English.