A Story about a Wolf and Peter

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Once upon a time, Peter and his grandfather lived in a house next to a beautiful green meadow.

Next to the meadow, there was a dark forest. In the middle of the forest, there lived a hungry wolf.

One day, Peter’s grandfather said to him, “Peter, you must stay in the garden. You must never go into the meadow on your own.” But Peter really wanted to go there to play with the little red bird and the cat. Peter looked over the garden wall. He saw a pond in the middle of the green meadow. So Peter climbed over the garden wall and went into the meadow. He played with the little red bird happily. Just then, Peter’s grandfather came into the garden. He looked over the wall and saw Peter in the meadow. “Come back! I told you not to go into the meadow,” said Grandfather.

Suddenly, the wolf came out of the forest. He saw the little red bird and the cat. He was very hungry, so he wanted to eat them all. The cat and the bird climbed up to very top of the tree and sat there. They waited there to see what happened. Then the wolf walked round and round the tree where the cat and the bird were sitting. The cat and the bird were very frightened. Peter looked at them and found a very long rope. Peter climbed up the tree and used the rope to catch the wolf’s tail. At last, some hunters came into the meadow. They took the wolf to another forest a long way. They never saw it again.

本文章獲輯錄於 《晶文薈萃 精選文章》第 2 輯