Why Do UFOs Like Going to America?

晶文薈萃 十優文章

“Oh, where is my dear kitten?” An ET, Mary, shouted loudly in her bedroom. She found everywhere that her kitten, Tina, could hide. But she still could not find Tina. “Mum!” Mary’s son, Timmy cried loudly to his mum. “Be quiet, Timmy! Tina must be afraid if you speak as loud as a lion!” Mary scolded at Timmy. “Mum, I think... Tina may have run to the earth to play with her old friends, Tom and Jack. Therefore I would like to go to the earth and find Tina,” Tommy spoke as silently as he could. Mary replied, “I don’t think so. Tina is a good cat. She likes her kind and pretty owner - me, very much. Therefore, I believe she wouldn’t go to the earth to play.”

Although Tommy’s mum didn’t believe Tina had gone to the earth, Tommy still decided to find Tina in the earth at night with his best friends.

That night, Tommy and his friends flew a spacecraft to the earth to find Tina. They were so excited because they had never gone to another world like the earth before.

However, when they just walked out of the spacecraft, a group of American scientists came. The scientists discovered Tommy and his other friends and decided to catch them so that they could get a lot of money.

Tommy and his friends had never seen these strange creatures. They were very frightened and ran into the spacecraft quickly. However, they forgot that Tommy was still there. Tommy was too slow that he could not get on the spacecraft. He was so despaired. He thought he could not go back to his world and he could not see his dear mother again. Oh, poor Tommy!

Tommy was so scared that he ran into a boy’s home wrongly. He hid in an empty hut there. When the boy saw Tommy, he was afraid about this ugly monster and Tommy was scared too. They all screamed loudly and ran away.

However, after a few days, the boy discovered that Tommy was a kind monster even though he did not know what he was. Tommy also knew the boy would not hurt him. Therefore, they became good friends quickly. The boy introduced Tommy to his younger sister and his elder brother. However, he did not tell his mum and dad because he was so afraid that they did not let him live with a monster.

The boy’s sister and brother loved Tommy very much. They always played with Tommy after they finished their homework.

However, some scientists knew that Tommy was in the boy’s house. Therefore, they came to the boy’s home and caught Tommy. After they had done some experiments and checked Tommy’s body, they helped Tommy to go to his world.

Finally, Tommy’s mother, Mary wanted to go to the earth to take Tommy back to his home. (This is the true story from the movie “ET”)

Mary believed that Tina was in America at last. Therefore, she always flies a spacecraft to America to find Tina. Therefore, many Americans always say that they see an UFO in America now.

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