A Scary Night

Yesterday was a terrible day. Let me tell you how terrible last night was.

Last night, my mum and dad had to go to work, so I stayed at home with my elder brother, Kiki. We ate our dinner and then we went to bed.

Suddenly, I heard some “Woo Woo” sounds. “Is it the wind?” I thought. Then I heard some screechy sound too! I was afraid, so I pulled my blanket until it covered all my body. I was scared, scared…very scared! I froze - my body ate air. At last, I slept.

This morning, Kiki, my elder brother, told me “Lala, do you know the scary sound came from our cat Lili last night? The Woo, Woo sound was from my toys and the wind made it! Did you know? Did you know?”

Now, I was not afraid of it again.