Based on the story of ‘Little Red what happened’, write a new ending in at least 70 words.

If I were the wolf, I would feel very angry. It was because I just wanted to share the food with Little Red and her best friend. When she saw me, she immediately called the policeman to catch me. I was puzzled and angry. I did not do anything. Why did the policeman catch me and put me into jail? I would not forgive Little Red because she made me go to jail!

I will take revenge after I was released from jail! First, I would go to hospital to do facelifting before I write a beautiful story card to her. I would wait for her to call me. Second, I would go to Little Red’s house and play with her. At last, I would kill her at night when her mum goes out.

I hope my child will hate people forever. It is because people are detestable. They do not listen to what you say. They are so stubborn.