Wonderful Festival

晶文薈萃 十優文章

Chinese New Year is the most wonderful festival in Hong Kong.

From the red couplets to red lanterns and red knots, the air is full of Chinese emotions. Shops sell fashionable Chinese-style clothing and kids tiger-hats and shoes. Chinese New Year songs fill the air. They express the messages of prosperity, wealth, long life, good health, peace and love.

Most important of all, Chinese New Year is a season of family reunion. Kin, relatives and friends get together. Chinese family members go to their parents’ home for a festive supper on the eve of the Chinese New Year. It is a fun occasion for everyone. The Young and old dress up in traditional Chinese clothes. Children run around happily with red packets of lucky money. They hope to receive more. Somewhere...somehow...someone gets rich by hundreds of dollars!

The night of the Chinese New Year is the biggest attraction of all. Beautiful floats from different countries, fantastic marching bands, colourful costumes of street dancers and dragon and lion dancing look spectacular during the parade. The festive air does not stop there. A 20-minute breathtaking fireworks lights up the Victoria Harbour. Flashing cameras never stop clicking. They are just as excited as the spectators!

Chinese New Year is a festival full of traditions and colourful pageantry.


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