Aaron’s Adventure

In a country, there was a handsome and brave boy. His name was Aaron.

One day, he went to the castle and accepted the King’s test. It was because he wanted to marry the princess. His mother gave him the directions.

1. When you see the beautiful girl, you can’t approach.

2. When you see the dragon, you need to give a warm smile.

The first test was to go to the old witch’s house. Whoever can get out from her house will pass the first test. So Aaron went into the old witch’s house. The witch asked him, “Are you worried?”

“No, I’m not worried,” Aaron answered her. So, the witch started the magic. The witch changed into a beautiful girl. If anyone approached her they would die. He remembered his mother’s words. So, he closed his eyes.

The old witch was so surprised about his act. So she looked at him and said, “When you go straight, turn left and go straight again. You will see the princess”. So Aaron went straight, turned left and went straight. Oh! He saw the princess.

He was so surprised. Then, they married and lived happily in the castle thereafter.