晶文薈萃 十優文章

Once upon a century, there lived three bones from Boneville. The first bone’s name is Phoney Bone, the richest bone in Boneville.

Smiley Bone, the second bone who is the silliest in all Boneville. The last bone is Fone Bone, He’s the smartest bone in Boneville. They have to begin a long journey to hide from the evil Kingdok, the king rat creature, who wanted to destroy the whole valley and Boneville, so they must prepare and flee to a safe place. They began in an old desert. In the days it is hot, but in the nights it is cold. Smiley Bone, Phoney Bone, Fone Bone and the other bones from Boneville walk through the hot and cold desert, day by day, night by night.

They are very very tired.

Suddenly, a swarm of locusts fly into the bones. After a few minutes, the locusts are gone, everyone is gone! Only two bones are left, it is Fone Bone and baby Bone Fone. Fone Bone said, “Great Scott!!! Where’s everyone? And now I have to take care of a baby alone! Great grief!

So then he carried a two year old baby all along the journey.

At night, Fone Bone heard someone crying, it was the baby.

She was hungry. So Fone Bone set out to find some food for the baby. Then, he found the most rare fruit of the whole world. It was the all and super yum hum fruit that can make you stronger, smarter and happier. So he fed the fruit to the baby. Suddenly, the baby’s muscles grew stronger, then his brain was smarter than primary school kids. Finally the baby laughed crazily. Fone Bone was frightened to see a baby like that. The next day, they started to travel again. Then, they bumped into a little bug named Ted. Fone Bone asked, “have you seen people like me the bones?” Ted answered, “well, I don’t know, but for sure, I know the Red Dragon. He knows everything! He lives in the Red Dragon Cave.” So they continued the journey. But then, two scary rat creatures showed up. They asked each other. Is he the one who pairs the star?” “No, but if we captured him and the baby, what should we use them for?” “We can have them for supper.” “Good idea.” So then, the rat creatures really captured them and tied them up so they will not try to go away before supper. At almost supper, the rat creatures untied them because they have to put them in the hot pot. But then, Fone Bone and the baby had a chance to run away. So Fone Bone said, “Are you forgetting something?” The rat asked, “What?” Fone Bone said the last word, “Us!” and quickly ran and fell onto a tree branch, it was good that the branch wasn’t broken. Then rat creatures found them on the tree branch. Fone Bone said, “You rat creatures wouldn’t want to jump onto this tree branch, or it will fall.” Next, the rat creatures jumped onto the branch. The branch cracked and everyone fell down into a river. After that, everybody got out of the river and chased each other until the rat creatures caught them. But then, the Red Dragon suddenly used fire and blew it on to the rat creatures. They were burned. Fone Bone and the baby cheered happily. Then Fone Bone asked the Red Dragon where were the other bones. The Red Dragon told them that they are caught by Kingdok the king rat creature and they are in Old Man's Cave. After Fone Bone heard what he said, he was very scared. But, the Red Dragon gave him a jewel sword, the only sword that can destroy Kingdok. So the Red Dragon gave Fone Bone and Baby Bone a ride to Old Man’s Cave. When they got there, the Red Dragon guided them into the cave. Kingdok appeared angrily and used his claws to hit the Red Dragon. When Fone Bone held his sword, a bright flash of light came out of the sword. Kingdok and the rest of the rat creatures burned into ashes because of the light, and the weak bones and the Red Dragon recovered because of the light. Everyone was happy and everyone went back home happily every after.


Not for long, because a new enemy is born, the Lord of Locusts. He has destroyed half of Boneville. Fone Bone, the Red Dragon and the other bones of Boneville must find a way to defend Boneville from the Lord of Locusts.